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The most important prayer

One of my favorite teaching stories from the Jewish tradition is about this prayer. Hillel was a highly respected and impactful scholar and teacher. One day, a smart aleck student challenged him, saying “If you’re such a great man, I dare you to recite the entire Torah while standing on one foot!” Hillel smiled, calmly […]

Is your self-compassion fierce enough?

How good are you at taking a compliment? Do you find yourself deflecting with some version of “Oh, this old thing?” or “Seriously? I look exhausted, barely slept last night!” When you look at yourself in the mirror, what thoughts arise? Do you take time to truly look into your eyes and smile? Give yourself a […]

How playing big can backfire

For years, personal growth and business gurus have been urging us to “play bigger!” Don’t play small! Go for the gusto! Dream big and reach for those dreams with everything you’ve got! Create your vision board and watch those visions become reality! I tried playing this game for too long, thinking it’s what I needed […]

Is it spiritual growth or something else?

For those of us on a spiritual path (and I believe all humans are, conscious or not), the road is filled with bright neon signs beckoning us to many variations of truth. Some of them take us down truly helpful paths, and some of them take us down rabbit holes. And they can be huge, deep, “this feels […]

How do you reclaim balance?

I loved going to the skating rink as a kid, even if it got kind of boring going round and round. And I proudly earned my skating badge in Girl Scouts. It was even more fun when I rented them and tooled around at the beach while in college in San Diego, so I treated myself to this gorgeous suede pair one year with […]

The Kabbalah of quarantine

I was speaking with a dear healer friend this morning in our monthly Zoom visit. Since she’s in NC and I’m in NY, we started doing this before everything in life got moved online. Our conversations always go deep and wide, but I’d been in such a pandemic quarantine funk this week that I didn’t […]

The retreat you didn’t plan for…

Remember the last time you longed for a retreat from the world? Maybe a weekend with your oldest friends, with plenty of great food and laughter. Maybe a yoga or spa retreat with a favorite teacher. Maybe a hiking or rafting trip to a place you’ve always wanted to see. Now you are in it, […]

Are you practicing fierce self-compassion?

  Whoa, wait a minute. Do those words even go together? How can compassion be fierce? What I’ve found is that it takes a great deal of fierceness and awareness to be kind towards yourself. Think about the last time you got called into your boss’s office, or heard a certain tone in a friend’s voice. I’ll bet your […]

Don’t let stress deplete your natural immune power

Corona virus, politics, climate change, oh my! Just when we think life can’t possibly get more stressful or crazy-making, the volume goes to 11. How are you doing with all of this, especially the fears around this virus that’s spreading across the globe? It might seem that staying informed, following the news, and keeping up with statistics […]