“This is a small book filled with Big Grace. I am especially inspired by its down-to-earth quality, since I know that “down-to-earth” is the best road to Heaven. May this sweet and wise book of healing find a home in many hearts!”
Jinen Jason Shulman, author of Kabbalistic Healing; The Instruction Manual for Receiving God; and founder of A Society of Souls School for Non-Dual healing

Ever wish you could stop the world, just for a little while?

Can’t stop the world, but this book will help you slow the spin.

Do you get frustrated trying to figure out why you can’t hold on to the peaceful moments for very long?

Crazy World, Peaceful Heart provides a path to the peace you seek. Along the way, you will learn why “falling off the path” is an important and unavoidable piece of the journey and why true balance often feels so elusive.

I have so many books on my shelf that are good, but offer complex, hard to maintain systems. They get read, but not necessarily used.

With that in mind, I kept this book small and concise. Yet it’s packed with inspiration and information that will keep you connecting back to your essential goodness, wisdom and the peace that so often hides under the tumult of your busy life and over-stuffed brain.

It’s a little gem that’s easy to keep tucked in a purse, by your bedside or on the back of your toilet (as some readers have shared). Let it be a friend you can turn to whenever a little sanity and self-care is needed.