I’ve been through more than a few rocky transitions myself.

The biggest was in my early 50s, when I was thrown into a multiple tailspin of changes.

First, after years of ill health that led to my increasing role as a caregiver, my mom died. She’d finally seemed to be getting stronger when she fell and broke her hip. Three weeks later pneumonia won and she was gone (and I finally understood how little old ladies died from broken hips — no one had ever mentioned the pneumonia part!).

At the same time, the beautiful massage therapy practice I’d maintained for 25 years came to a close. A combination of no longer living in NJ (other than the time I spent caring for mom), and my body needing a break from that intensely physical work, meant I was losing my mother, our family home, and many close, loving relationships with clients. Some had been with me since the earliest days of my practice, and all were a part of the rhythm of my life.

Thank God I had wise friends and mentors to support me through.

I also was blessed to have the training and deep practices of mindfulness, non-dual awareness, and energy healing to lean into as I traversed those intensely difficult years of big change.

I was able to be easy with myself when I felt utterly flattened by grief at all I had lost. Not just my mom and my practice, but also my identity as a massage therapist. While I’d always done other types of healing work and teaching, they were background and massage was foreground. Now it was flipped and holy moly, was I shocked at how difficult a transition that turned out to be.