Learning to trust myself completely is an ongoing journey of discovery.

I’ve been on a path of personal healing and transformation for as long as I can remember. And I’ve been a healing arts practitioner in many realms – as a massage therapist, Reiki teacher, Kabbalistic healer, meditation teacher, writer – for over three decades.

This stuff is what I live for, and what makes my life worthwhile.

Being of service, and remembering the bigger Mystery that I serve.

Along the way, I’ve had to learn how to have both strong and healthy boundaries; not easy for a sensitive, big-hearted person.

I also found that a focus on self-care wasn’t enough – I needed to commit to practices that give me a firm foundation of soul-care, and an ability to rest into the questions that life endlessly hands me.

Thank God I’ve been blessed with wise mentors to see me through.

I was able to study and immerse myself in the deep practices of mindfulness, Kabbalah, non-dual awareness, and energy healing; potent ground I could root into as I traversed times of emotional difficulty and years of big change.