I loved going to the skating rink as a kid, even if it got kind of boring going round and round. And I proudly earned my skating badge in Girl Scouts.

It was even more fun when I rented them and tooled around at the beach while in college in San Diego, so I treated myself to this gorgeous suede pair one year with my big $125 tax return.

Yes, that’s me, shooting the duck while playing around on campus.

I always had a naturally good sense of balance while on skates. I rarely fell, though I’d look like someone out of an old slapstick movie at times, arms flailing about and torso gyrating to help me stay upright after hitting a bump or careening down an unexpected decline.

It was never quite that easy or natural when it came to my emotional balance.

That type of balance often felt elusive, scattered, like moments of grace I could never quite plan for or hold on to.

So many times I’d feel like I was getting a better grip on things, only to find myself undone with a few words or a glance from someone else — usually someone I loved.

I was pursuing my spiritual path, trying new routes here and there, but not finding one that felt deeply true and congruent for me.

Until I was introduced to Kabbalah. It fascinated me as a Jewish woman (who never even heard of it growing up), and also as a spiritual seeker.

But it wasn’t easy finding my way in. Once I did, and began using it as part of my healing practice, I found it wasn’t so easy to explain or guide curious others to begin exploring on their own.

There’s not one book, or a simple, straightforward beginners guide (though there are books out there that advertise themselves as such), so when asked “where should I start?” I honestly haven’t had a clear cut answer.

So, at the request of several clients and colleagues, I’ve put together an introductory class called Find Balance Through Kabbalah: An Introduction to Its Teachings and Practices. There are many jewels to mine in this path to becoming a more whole, integrated human. It’s been key to helping me and countless others deepen self-awareness and better understand yourself in relationship to others, the world, and our Source.

We begin June 25th and you can register to join us HERE.

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