I now trust that who I am is enough

I still often reflect on a session we did years ago where you got an image of the tension in my shoulders being connected to a heavy cape, like a superhero cape. It was like a cloak of burden that I was then able to remove and let drop — and even now, when I start to feel the overwhelm and burden build, I remember that I was able to remove it and if I could remove it once, I could remove it again. I don’t always realize that I’m layering pieces of it back on until it becomes to heavy to bear, and then I think “wait, you know how to do this, you know how to take this off.”

For me, a powerful part of working with you was giving words to what I was feeling, finding ways to express what it was that made me feel there was such a burden in my life and in my heart, and why I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Once I could hear it and listen to that, I was able to handle it.

Putting a voice to it helped me understand these uncomfortable feelings I had. That was huge for me and has stayed with me until now — the ability to recognize when that cloak was too heavy again and the ability to step out of it and leave it behind.

Another big thing I got from our work together is, I used to feel that no matter how much I do or what level of accomplishment I have, it’ll never be enough. I don’t feel directed or owned by that anymore. I know it’s still part of my storyline, but it’s out there now, not so much a part of me as an acknowledgement of a piece of me I’m no longer ruled by.

Loretta ImbrognoChiropractor

Standing firmly in my inner knowing

I had initially met Sharon at a women’s health day Open House. A year later, I remembered her gentle, kind personality and decided to contact her because I felt I needed some emotional guidance again in my life. I was at the point where I felt being coached and encouraged, with some healing involved, was exactly what I needed.

Upon our initial consultation, I was confused about the path I wanted for my life, both professionally and personally. As a healer, I felt I should be able to follow my own intuition about what to do, but was not detached enough from my situation to see clearly. Sharon guided me in a gentle but focused direction to call upon my strengths and inner knowing to come to my own thoughts and conclusions. She also ended some of our sessions with a Kabbalistic healing, which I always found extremely grounding and empowering. This was all accomplished over the telephone.

At the end of our series of sessions, I did not feel like a “new woman,” but after thinking about where I was emotionally and mentally when we first started, I was amazed at the difference! Sharon has supplied me with enough support and guidance to be able to stand in what I believe is right and true for myself. I am very grateful.

Carla Rose BenedictHealing Arts Practioner